Wednesday, June 27


I'm packing up my apartment. Today my storage cube arrives and I begin the process of loading most of my stuff in it for an undetermined amount of time. It's been an interesting process this time around. I will not have access to the storage cube after it goes to the storage yard, so I have had to decide what I can live without for the next.....well, however long it takes to get a job and a home. I've catalogues all my books, and have donated several bags of clothes and shoes. I've kept more of both than I probably should have, but it's a decent sized cube. I'm moving up to the dorm as well, and while I'm happy to be staying in Berkeley for a while longer, giving me the opportunity to continue to work at my several jobs, as well as on my thesis, I feel like I am stalled out. It's not a comfortable feeling and one I'm going to have to get used to, I guess.

Saturday, June 23

St. Da Kine

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I'm in a call process with a congregation - which I'm calling "St. Da Kine." They are starting with a phone interview - ick. "Ick" because so much communication happens non-verbally and I'll be sitting in an office at the seminary, and to them, hundreds of miles away, I'll simply be a voice coming out of a box on the table.

I'm not sure I'm the person for this call, anyway. It's a congregation that has been struggling due to an old conflict and dwindling worship numbers. They've recently started a praise service, which they are excited about, understandably, but I have concerns about praise services, in general. Not to launch a worship war here (if anyone actually is reading this), but in general, the music tends to be theologically problematic - it most often presents an non-incarnational Christology, is very individualistic (more "I" than "we" in the lyrics), and is emotionally narrow - it's in the name, after all.

That all being said, I'm trying to be open to where the Spirit is leading and keep an open mind to the challenges and blessings of the new call - wherever it may be.