Sunday, February 10

i'm back, and gone

so, after LSLC extended me the call, I was able to accept in person at a church special event program. It was wonderful, and overwhelming and more than a little bit scary the amount of trust and affection these people have given to me simply based on my position - I say that because I haven't me most of them yet, as there are hundreds of members in this congregation. 

I have now moved - I'm still in N California, but no longer in the Bay Area. I am excited to discover this new part of CA, but sad to leave the Bay Area. I'm also sad to leave the seminary, as over the past 5-1/2 years PLTS had become an important part of my life. I worked in most of the departments during my time there and learned a lot. I hope I left the place a little better for my time there. I do no, if nothing else, reception looks, well, actually inviting these days, so I'm proud of that contribution!

Part of this moving thing is buying furniture. I bought a mattress set yesterday and also did a little bit of couch shopping. La-Z-Boy is having a huge sale, and while there is part of me that thinks I should go to Goodwill, there is another part of me, saying "buy the new couch dummy. You've never owned one, and you'll likely be entertaining people in your home, it's time to not look like a grad student anymore." I am leaning toward listening to the the latter. I'll post a picture of what I end up with. 

Today I'm going to a different church in my new area. The husband of a good friend (he's a friend as well, but I know her much better) is being installed today. So, I'm off to worship there this morning, then help her with a reception, then back for the installation. It's going to be a churchy-social day. 

Tuesday I fly to ND for a few days to get my there together to move. I've had stuff in storage at my dad's place for over 6 years - it's going to be a bit like Christmas...I'll even get the cold and the snow! I'm back in CA on the 17th, hopefully unpacking my "pod" on the 19th and then back to the Bay Area on the 20th for the weekend of my ordination. It's going to be a busy few weeks, but fun, fun, fun!